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Linguas didici. So, I wrote a blog about it.

Who is the Person Behind This Blog?

Hi guys, let’s start with the most important fact about me! My name is Petar. Yes, with an a! Why? Yugoslavian roots.

I speak six languages fluently, have lived in four different countries, and am determined to take over the language-blogs scene!

Now, you surely want to know more about me and whose words you are hearing in your voice in your head at this moment. But, most importantly…

What Does This Guy Know About Languages?

This Balkan polyglot was born in Germany in 1992, but Serbo-Croatian was his first language. Three years old, and after half a year of crying, I learned to speak German fluently. English followed when I went to third grade.

Then, it suddenly got silent (if you don’t count the 5 years of Latin classes, which I don’t).

So, I started learning Spanish in my second semester at university. After that for 8 years, again, no other language followed.

Until 2018/19, when I managed to become fluent in both Dutch and French. As my passion for languages has been sparked, I set myself the goal to study every day and know 10 of them by 2022. But, enough about me, I’m sure you also want to see what I look like:

But, what is the big picture behind Linguas Didici? More precisely, what do I want to achieve with this blog? And, what’s the framework I set myself?


I aim to convert this blog into the leading tool for my readers to autodidactically learn any language in a modest amount of time and to spark a genuine passion for languages in the process.


Linguas Didici seeks to be the most authentic, knowledgeable, and captivating language blog by providing different, qualitative, and entertaining content.


On my journey of realizing these goals, I act according to 4 core values:

The four core values of this blog.

You’ll find my contact details on the site notice page.