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Person putting herself in contact with the blog's author.

If You are One of My Followers

Do you have a question, an improvement proposal, or just some general feedback? By all means, feel free to contact me. I’m happy for any insights I directly get from you, my audience. For instance, you might want to:

  • Suggest topics for upcoming blog entries.
  • Propose language-related services you’d like me to offer.
  • Give general feedback.
  • Express appraisal.
  • Point out flaws in the design of the webpage.

For anything that has to do with a specific blog entry, please make use of the comment section below this particular blog entry.

In case of questions regarding myself or the blog, I invite you to read the about me page.

You approaching me will help me in both steadily improving this blog and better understanding you as my audience! I’m also still learning and am grateful if you take the time to give me feedback.

Thank you in advance!

If You Wish to Cooperate With Me

I’ve completed my Master in Science in the area of Online Marketing. Moreover, I need to earn my living. Thus, you can expect that I endorse all initiatives to start a cooperation with Linguas Didici! Such collaboration could be:

  • Guest blogging
  • Product endorsement
  • Product testing
  • Promotion of services
  • Interviews
  • Sponsored articles
  • Preparation of lectures

All content not written by myself will be marked as such. All forms of cooperation have to be language-related and comply with the four core values of this blog. If I have the feeling that this is/will not be the case, I reserve myself the right to decline/discontinue such cooperation (proposal).

If you feel more comfortable contacting me in German, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian, Dutch, or French, you’re welcome to do so! Of course, my answer is going to be in the language you approached me.